The Monday terror intensifies as the weekend nears, the uneasiness reaches its peak on Sunday. Instead of being cheerful, the weekend slips away by dreading the inevitable day. The mere thought about it breaks the brittle bliss house that I hope to stay in on weekends. I wonder why do I hate it so much.

I love writing computer programs and build cool things. I am doing what I always wanted to do - follow my passion. I thought building my career around my passion would be great as it is the holy grail that everybody seeks, after all, you know the quote -
“Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life”

I recently came across interesting research done by HuffPost Australia about the total percentage of time an average individual spends on throughout their life. Being “in bed” tops the chart, “work” comes in at second place chomping 24% of your entire life. The percentage would soar if you counted the entire workdays (Monday to Friday) as work, because even though you are physically “done for the day”, the mind isn’t at ease.

I wonder what change brought forth this hate for office work, or should I say the lack of change thereof? This is not a blog post about questioning the purpose of life, rather making the 24% of it less miserable.

The sole purpose of working is to earn money which would then be used to buy happiness. We work by the framework defined by the society we live in, mostly 9-5 from Monday to Friday. We follow this system (loop) throughout our life, chasing wealth which would supposedly buy happiness.

What brings happiness to me are the small things that I would do for joy and not for the sake of money, computer programming was one of them. Doing the same thing as part of my job doesn’t bring the same pleasure as before. Even though career-wise I’m doing good, at least for me putting my passion in a 9 to 5 box has surely made it to fade.

If you have reasons to hate Monday, please share in the comments.